Here are some samples of my drawings from the past 25 years. You’ll notice that the show title in the title block of some of the drawings doesn’t match the caption. With many popular films or shows, the studio or network will often create a ‘working title’ so that an accidental leak of production materials won’t show up on the radar of people who are trying to glean information or storylines about the project.


Captain Blood      (film cancelled in pre-production)




The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button





Cirque Du Freak





GATTACA       (titled ‘Eighth Day’ in pre-production)




Girl With The Dragon Tattoo



300: Rise Of An Empire




Jurassic World






Suicide Squad




The Patriot




The Alamo




Meet The Fockers






Courage Under Fire




Star Trek: Into Darkness




G.I. Joe II



20th Century Fox Backlot – New York Street






Jonah Hex



Crimson Tide