The final editing process of the 2023 Wrand Glossary of Film & Video Terms has gotten pushed into the end of the year. We are hoping to have it out by mid December if all goes well.

Later in the summer I’ll be beginning the release on a number of publications that I’ve been working on for some time.

The first will be a glossary of Film and Video terms but with a twist. Most other similar glossaries are either light on scenic and Art Department terms or ignore them altogether. This book will combine a film glossary and a glossary of architectural terms that film designers use all of the time when designing scenery.

This one will not only have up-to-date film industry terms but will include scenic, architectural, and design terms all in one place.

I’ll announce the release date here once we finish the editing process. It will be available both as a digital book and a print-on-demand version.

Throughout the year and into 2023, I’ll be releasing a series of architectural design detail booklets on specific subjects that will include photographs, period texts and scale drawings. I’ll release more details as these come closer to print.