Gifts For The Set Designer Who Has Everything

Can’t figure out what to give that special Set Designer on your list? Well, if you’re fresh out of $100 bills, which would be my preference, here’s some ideas for stocking stuffers –

If your favorite guy or gal woes the day they had to give up their lead, you’ll have them sobbing with joy when they open the box and find three hand- sharpened pencils.

New York’s David Rees has reinvigorated this age-old art form and will send you three needle sharp pencils along with a certificate of authenticity which certifies that they are now deadly weapons.

Or maybe they’d prefer a big block of wood. Actually it’s a big stack of post-its camouflaged as a block of wood. Somehow I doubt it’s actually 1 cent, but you never know, it is just wood pulp after all.

Or, how about a high tech computer monitor adjustment tool. It’s just the thing for fixing a finicky monitor. It comes with two faces, one for the traditional lined CRT monitors and the other for the standard square pixel monitors. Just apply the proper face to your screen several times, or until you’ve calmed down. I’ve found it works great on sticky keyboards too.

Heck, it’ll fix just about any gadget that’s causing you trouble. And you’ll feel so good afterwards. The price does not include a replacement monitor.

But, maybe you’re sick of those slick high tech gadgets and want something that’s a little more environmentally friendly. Well. how about something that’s ‘green’ and has historical provenance (sort of).

James Townsend & Son ( ) carry a reproduction of a brass and ivory notebook like one carried by Thomas Jefferson. It’s sort of a forever-notepad.

brass and ivory pocket notebook

The brass cover contains four ivory leaves that are reclaimed from 150 year-old pianos. You write on the leaves with the brass closing pin that contains a replaceable lead. To clean the sheet you just wipe it with a moist finger or cloth. If the $90 seems steep, just remember that this will still work perfectly 100 years from now, long after that iPhone is at the bottom of a landfill.

For something a little lower on the price scale, they also carry reproduction Porte Crayon for $15 that come with handmade lead refills. They refer to them as mechanical pencils in their online catalogue.

Happy shopping!

Reproduction 1750's porte crayon (lead holder)

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