Using Models For Discussions

This short clip is a great example of how important models can be in pre-shoot meetings. In this short video a Production Designer meets with the Cinematographer to discuss a problematic lighting situation for a large scale built set.

It’s hard to imaging how these important decisions could have been reached without the help of the scale model as a visual talking aid.

7 thoughts on “Using Models For Discussions

  1. Dear Randy,
    I just forwarded this to my students. This is a very important lesson about how crucial it is to “kill the assholes” (or was it ‘kiss’? No, I stick with the first, in a … uhm… political correct version… of metaphorical… thingy-meaning).
    We have these same jerks in the games business and they are a major problem to the real development units.


  2. I see that Architects aren’t the only creatives that work with models.
    In the architectural version of this clip, the Cinematographer would be an over excited client and the architect would be equally long suffering.
    Thanks for sharing.


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